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Cool Lane Translation Services - Proofreading - Copywriting

                                                                                                           MONIQUE WHALEN

Who am I?

I have lived and worked an extensive amount of time in both the US and France, which has given me the abilitity, beyond understanding the english and french languages, to also perceive the wider context and to know the best way to create meaning by presenting the words in a fluid and clear way.

  • I translate product descriptions, articles, blogs, theses, as well as books.
  • I proofread works regularly so that clients can feel absolutly sure of the content they put on line or share with their customers.
  • I recently added copywriting to my skills as it is frequently requested and very helpful in any writing endeavor.
  • I translate manually as I find translating instruments quite limited and uncreative. I use Antidote as a grammar and vocabulary tool.

Translating two psychology books for a prestigious french Publishing House (Editions Dunod) has given my clients the confidence that my language skills can be trusted and relied on and that I have the stamina and determination to see projects through.

I am a native born and raised french speaker. As an adult, I have lived and worked as a counselor over 15 years in Colorado and since my return to France, 10 years ago I have been translating full-time.

I took the TOIEC exam to evaluate my english language skills at the University of Chambery with top scores both in written and spoken language.

I am reliable, dependable, prompt and a quick learner and open to all opportunities.

I quite enjoy a challenge!

Qui suis-je?

Avoir vécu et travailler longtemps en France et aux Etats-Unis m'a permis, au delà d'acquérir une connaissance poussée des deux langues, de percevoir un contexte culturel plus large qui me permet de créer du sens en présentant le langage de manière fluide et claire.

  • Je traduis aussi bien les livres, que les blogs, articles, descriptions de produits, etc.
  • Je corrige fréquemment les travaux d'autres traducteurs pour assurer aux clients des contenus fiables à partager avec leur audience.
  • Je propose depuis peu le copywriting, une compétence souvent sollicitée de nos jours.
  • Je traduis manuellement car les sites de traductions sont limités et manque de créativité. J'utilise le programme Antidote pour les corrections et vérifications grammaticales et de style.

Je suis responsable, fiable et rapide et ouverte à toute proposition!